Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Notes

The Ubuntu 12.10 upgrade  has so far been rather uneventful, in large part probably due to me using XFCE. Some small things I noticed so far:
  • Firefox bugs you with wanting to install Webapp stuff 
  • the separators in the XFCE panels collapsed and needed reexpanding
  • fullscreen seems a bit bugged in combination with multiple monitors, as the fullscreened app will fall into the background when the mouse goes to the second monitor
  • notify-osd still conflicts with the XFCE notification stuff, so it has to be removed
  • Amazon advertising in Unity is rather obscene, as it's right in the launcher
  • no more Linux version number in Grub, it's now just "Ubuntu" 
  • subpixel rendering in Cairo seems fixed
  • automounting works a little different, things now end up in /media//... instead of directly in media
 Other then that, nothing noticeable so far, my graphics driver survived and everything else also seems to continue to work as expected.

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