Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pingus 0.7.5 - Halloween 2011

Pingus 0.7.5 is out, changes include among some fixes, 10 brand new Halloween levels. Linux and Windows versions are provided. No Mac version at this point, it might fallow later on.
  • fixed memory leak in OpenGL renderer
  • added support for Win32 cross-compilation with mingw32
  • added gamespeed adjustments via KPPlus, KPMinus, KPEnter
  • added single-stepping the game with 'S'
  • added better application icon
  • added access to all levelsets in developer-mode (Ctrl-m)
  • added 10 new Halloween levels
Download: http://pingus.seul.org/download.html

1 comment:

jpenguin said...

I am getting close to getting a working mac build.

You can alway get the the build of 0.7.2 I managed to compile for mac