Monday, October 10, 2011

Pingus 0.7.4

At long last, Pingus 0.7.4 is out. This release does not yet continue the main story, but it contains all the little improvements and bug fixes that have been allocated over the last few years. As a bonus however this release contains two new levelsets with 27 new levels. This release is source only at the moment and will compile in Linux. Windows and MacOSX versions might follow at a later point. Some more things that have changed in this release are:
  • fixed game not starting when no soundcard is present
  • all halloween and tutorial levels have been converted to a minimum size of 1920x1200 so they can be played in fullscreen without letterboxing
  • new --userdir command line switch to set the directory where savegames are saved
  • menu getting confused by fast succedding clicks fixed
  • level-demo recording and playback are back (files not compatible between x86 and x86-64)
  • window resize support throughout the whole game
  • dirty-rectangles drawing for improved performance with software rendering
  • OpenGL rendering
  • new blackboard graphic
  • Unicode support
  • two new levelsets, "Desert" and "Factory Campaign", with 27 new levels
  • added a man-page
  • deadly fall height has been increased
  • support for prefab objects and groups in the editor
  • cleaned up digger, miner and basher paths
  • added an option menu
  • lots of minor bug fixes
  • bitmap fonts have been generated with anti-aliasing

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Anonymous said...

Yay, for new Pingus! ;-)