Saturday, August 27, 2011

Windstille: Another round of svn2git

Did another round of converting an SVN repository to Git yesterday, this time Windstille. Instead of going the manual route I used svn2git this time, which automates the renaming of remote branches/tags to local ones. I haven't verified in depth if everything worked out right, but it seems to have performed well enough. Even svn2git however leaves some traces of SVN behind that have to be cleaned up, namely a few svn remote repositories and a few entries in .git/config, but that is easy enough to fix. The final result can be found at:
Why Google Code and not GitHub or something else? First of course the obvious, Google Code now supports Git, which it didn't some month ago. More importantly however Google Code has a 4GB space limit, while GitHub has a tiny 0.3GB space limit. Google Code also now finally has support for multiple Git repositories in a single project, so it's easy to break of all the subdirectories one might have had in SVN, without it getting to messy and without a need to stuck it all into a single Git repository.

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