Wednesday, May 25, 2011

xboxdrv 0.8.0 released

  • added --no-dbus option
  • added ABS/axis support to macros
  • added Street Fighter Fightpad support
  • added example config for Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 zoom wheel
  • added example config for Star Wars: Tie Fighter
  • added rel-repeat value of -1 for sending an event only once
  • added support for chatpad on bcdVersion 1.14 controller
  • added support for relative filenames for macros
  • fixed daemon mode
  • fixed deadzone filter issues with MIN:MAX:SMOOTH
  • fixed endian issues in Xbox360 and Xbox360 wireless controller
  • fixed wireless controller not getting reset to neutral position on disconnected
  • changed the meaning of --timeout 0
  • removed boost::thread dependency
  • switched from threads to asynchronous USB handling and glib

This releases contains a large scale switch to asynchronous USB communication, so expect some bugs to pop up. Daemon mode is working again. Bug reports are welcome.


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