Friday, May 06, 2011

Flattr News

Three interesting Flattr news bits that you might have missed:
  • you can now have Flattr buttons without paying the previously mandatory 2€ minimum donation per month, so Flattr is now free to try, hopefully that will increase its adoption outside of Germany
  • you can now directly donate money to another person via Flattr without using the whole cake-slice per month method, it is still anonymous and thus not suited for buying things
  • you can now flattr a person via their Twitter account, even without that person having a Flattr account, people flattered in this way can then claim that money by registering with Flattr
For those that don't know, Flattr is a micro-donation service that allows you to give very small amounts of money to projects you like. The recent re:publica talk of Peter Sunde contains some more updates, along with a short intro video for those that don't know what Flattr is.

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