Friday, April 15, 2011

Some notes on Ubuntu 11.04

  • Unity flat out doesn't work, full of graphic bugs and glitches
  • Unity doubly doesn't work with a multi-monitor setup (GUI all stretched out, while mouse input is not, making it impossible to click anything)
  • Unity is pretty much unusable on a regular desktop, designed for tiny screens and running only a few applications
  • remove Unity via: apt-get purge unity ubuntu-netbook.*
  • GUI customization didn't survive the upgrade
  • restore proper window icon order with:
    gconftool --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout close,menu:minimize,maximize
  • console and grub run at a higher resolution by default, to disable that set GRUB_TERMINAL=console in /etc/default/grub
  • they reinvent the scrollbar (called overlay scrollbar), it now hides itself when not moused over and other weird stuff, very annoying, hard to hit a target with the mouse that you can't see, new scrollbar is only in a few apps, not in all Gtk stuff
  • fix scrollbar with: sudo apt-get purge overlay-scrollbar.*
  • new default music player seems to be Banshee and no longer Rhythmbox (no obvious import/export to transfer media)
  • it takes way longer then before from the time the mouse is visible to when the Gnome panels show up on boot
  • XVideo and OpenGL on ATI is broken, the video always gets displayed on top, even if the window is in the background
  • Firefox constantly resets my "middleclick paste" setting to false
Overall this upgrade so far looks pretty horrid, some of the changes might make sense on a touchscreen device, but none of the interface changes really make any sense on a big desktop screen, this is doubly bad considering that the new interface is what you get on a regular dist-upgrade, not something you have to manually enable. Good news however that all changes so far seem to be revertible.

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