Wednesday, March 16, 2011

xboxdrv 0.7.3 released

  • fixed installation of xboxdrvctl
  • added special REL repeat value '-1' to avoid jaggy mouse emulation movement
  • added "rel-repeat:" axis-event for better scroll wheel emulation
  • added --no-dbus, to disable D-Bus support
  • added xbmc.xboxdrv, a config fine tuned for XBMC
  • added zsnes.xboxdrv, a config file for ZSNES
  • reenabled USBReadThread to work around ignored input events
  • '--daemon' is broken in this release

This release should fix the issue with buttons getting stuck and events getting lost of previous 0.7.x releases and bring it on par with 0.6.6, '--daemon' mode however is now broken and will require a larger code restructuring to get fixed.


1 comment:

SwedishGojira said...

Nice to hear that the "sticky buttons" should be fixed. Now I'll finally be able to use my wireless pads as intended.
Hope you fix --daemon soon though. I was just about to start using it, but I guess now I'll just wait a little longer.