Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Using Logitech MX500 and MarbleMouse under Vista

I own an old Logitech MX500 and a Logitech MarbleMouse trackball. Under Linux those work fine and I configure them independently with xinput and remap buttons as I wish. In Windows Vista on the other side things are a bit more tricky. One key issue is that Windows can't even swap left and right mouse buttons throughout the OS with the default Windows tools. If I try that via the control panel it will switch it for the GUI, but not for games. To switch buttons in games I need the Logitech driver. The next issue is that the MX500 doesn't have Vista drivers, Logitech refuses to support its older hardware. And the next issue is that the MX500 driver won't install when SetPoint, the driver for the MarbleMouse trackball is already installed. Solution to make both of them work in Windows Vista:
  1. Uninstall any mouse drivers
  2. Download setpoint620.exe (MarbleMouse Vista driver) and mw9791.exe (MX500 XP driver)
  3. Install mw9791.exe with XP compatibility mode enabled
  4. Install setpoint620.exe as usual
  5. Optional: Install the PS/2 support in the SetPoint control panel if you want to use the MarbleMouse on the PS/2 port
Installing things in this order will by pass the check on the MX500 driver and allow both drivers to co-exist in Windows Vista.

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