Friday, December 31, 2010

xboxdrv 0.6.2 released

  • merged Xbox360 guitar handling into the regular Xbox360 controller handling, use --guitar to get the old mapping back
  • added generic event filter framework
  • added toggle button filter
  • added invert button filter
  • added auto fire button filter
  • added log filter for button and axis
  • added invert axis filter
  • added sensitivity axis filter
  • added relative axis filter
  • added response curve axis filter
  • added deadzone axis filter
  • added calibration axis filter
  • added ability to send different events depending on how long a button was pressed
  • added ability to launch a program on button press
  • added ability to replay a macro on a button press
  • added ability to launch a child program from within xboxdrv, making wrapper scripts easier to write without race conditions
  • added --option NAME=VALUE to allow INI-style config options from command line
  • added --evdev-debug to print out all received events from evdev
  • added --evdev-no-grab to avoid a full grab on the event device
  • unified ini and command line parsing some more
  • Mad Catz Xbox controller - MW2 controller support added
  • added support for Xbox1 analog buttons, use --ui-axismap with A, B, X, Y, black, white
  • give proper error message when the Play&Charge kit is used

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