Wednesday, December 22, 2010

xboxdrv 0.6.0 released

  • support for reading from evdev, this allows the use of regular regular PC joysticks or the Playstation 3 controllers with xboxdrv, useful if you need configurability or joy2key-like functionality, but don't have a Xbox360 gamepad
  • added KEY_#num, ABS_#num and REL_#num to allow refering to events by number instead of name
  • support for reading configuration from a INI configuration file
  • cleaned up uinput mapping, --dpad-as-button, --dpad-only, etc. are now simple mappings instead of special case hackery
  • --ui-axismap and --ui-buttonmap now work with all axis and button
  • smooth deadzone handling without jumps
  • added --detach-kernel-driver
  • automatically insert dummy events to make input device register as joystick
  • added ability to have multiple configs running at the same time with --ui-new
  • added shifting to --ui-axismap, allows sending of different events when a shift button is pressed
  • Saitek Cyborg Rumble Pad support added
  • Gamestop Xbox 360 Controller support added

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