Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ubuntu Package Updates

I started building a few more Ubuntu packages over the last few days, so here is what's new:

The Gimp Double Toolbar packages got moved to a new PPA, so the URL has changes, new sources.list URL can be found at:
I also now provide packages for Galapix, xboxdrv and sdl-jstest:
More packages might follow over the next days, currently thinking about packaging the Supertux editor and all of Windstille.

Edit: construo and wordwarvi got added to the PPA, windstille and windstille-editor are now present as well. feuerkraft and netbrush are now in the repository too. Added netpanzer-editor.

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stevec said...

If you're into packaging things up for ubuntu, maybe you could look into this bug report...



-- steve