Friday, May 21, 2010

Flattr taking off

It seems like Flattr, the flatrate donation service is slowly taking off. The thing is still in beta, but when you subscribe for an invite, you seem to have a good chance of getting one. Currently they require a minimum monthly fee of 2€ for donation. This donation is then split across all the things whose flattr buttons you clicked and I think 10% go to the company as fee itself.

One issue I have with the current system is that it doesn't allow multiple clicking of the flattr button, which in turn makes the distribution seem quite unfair, as you sometimes flattr a single blogpost, while at other times you might flattr a complete blog or something else that is much larger then a single blogpost. This missing feature aside, it seems like a great idea and you can already find it in the wild. I spotted flattr buttons on, on Chaosradio on and on The Flattr webpage itself also keeps a list of things you can flattr. And as you can see I added a few flattr buttons to this blog and to Pingus, Xboxdrv and some other things.

Update: I have some invite codes for, if you want one, drop me a mail.

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