Friday, April 02, 2010

Some notes on Ubuntu 10.04

Some quick notes on the Ubuntu 10.04 development version:
  • Rhythmbox resets all Podcast feeds and already deleted episodes reappear
  • slow Grub boot with multiple HDs seems to be fixed
  • new standard theme looks weird, as the menubar has a different color then the toolbar
  • Firefox does different font rendering then the rest of Gnome: example (update: problem seems to have been fixed)
  • uvccapture fails to capture at 1280x1024, lower resolutions still work:

    Unable to query buffer (22).
    Init v4L2 failed !! exit fatal

    In dmesg it gives:

    vmap allocation for size 36704256 failed: use vmalloc= to increase size

    Adding vmalloc=268435456 to the Kernel Boot Parameter works as a workaround
  • something is wrong with the sound again, have to start mplayer with -ao alsa or else I won't hear anything
  • CD-ROM mounting seems to be fixed, not only can I eject the disc while I am in the directory, I can also inject a new one and have it show up automatically, no more "device is busy" nonsense
  • Rhythmbox is having problem with podcast feeds, fails to download all of them (was an issue with gvfs-backends package missing)
  • the indicator-applet has hardcoded keybindings (Super-M) that can get annoying, this patch fixes that
I also updated my Gimp double toolbar patch for Ubuntu 10.04: packages and raw patch.