Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sony Move Controller

Sony just unveiled a few more infos and pictures of their new motion controller, the thing will be called "Move". Some key points so far:
  • the thing is not symmetric, you get a special Nunchuk controller for the left hand just like on the Wii
  • the Nunchuk lacks motion detection
  • the Nunchuk features L1/L2 shoulder buttons, a dpad and an analog stick, it also seems to duplicate the X and O buttons from the main controller
  • the main controller has a large main button, only a single trigger, no analogstick and the four classic face buttons, Start and Select are on the side of the controller
  • counting all buttons together it is the same number as on a regular PS3 controller
Overall I am pretty disappointed by the lack of a second analog stick, which will likely result in ugly and broken camera control in the games to come, as it already did on the PSP and the Wii. The lack of motion detection in the Nunchuk and the non-symmetric controller design is rather disappointing, as it would have allowed simple two player games to work with a single controller setup (each player gets one half of the controller). It also means that games can't make use of two virtual hands, which would have been much more natural. The choice of having a single trigger on one controller and two on the other is a little weird, but shouldn't be that much of a problem, as you got a new face button on the main controller. I would however have preferred a Gamecube like button layout, as the current layout doesn't seem all that comfortable or logical.

Update: Looks like Sony has no clue what they are doing. First they create a controller without dpad, without analogstick and without face-buttons that could be abused for directional control, then they develop a Nunchuk (officially called sub-controller) that lacks motion sensing and then they still end up demoing gameplay where the player needs two Move controller instead of the Nunchuk, see this and this.