Wednesday, January 06, 2010

German Wikipedia

I spend the last two weeks digging a bit through the German Wikipedia, which is known for its elitist and rather useless ruleset, so here a few experiences I made:
  • it is still possible to create new article without getting an instant delete request, I managed to produce ten so far
  • the de.wikipedia doesn't accept stubs, so it is best to start an article in your user namespace and move it when done, instead of starting to write it in the main Wikipedia namespace directly, as that will lead to near guaranteed trouble unless you are really fast
  • a lot of rule-compliance seems to be done for pure rules-compliance sake, not because the people like the rules
  • so far I still have not heard a single good argument for the notability criteria
  • getting an article undeleted is a little badly implemented, as you have to ask the original deleter first, before an other admin will even check the deletion, its not a show-stopper, but it slows things down a lot
  • users can only rename article, but not copy articles, this makes splitting articles quite difficult and time consuming, as you are not allowed to just copy&paste as that would kill the history, waiting now for two weeks on my article-copy request
  • getting past the 200/400 edit hurdle to just have the right to vote can take quite a while
  • the discussion system totally fucking sucks, nothing new, but when you actually try to follow a discussion you notice just how unusable it really is
  • it is pretty hard to find the right place where a specific Wikipedia issue is discussed
  • most of the time there is only a very limited number of people involved in a discussion or decision
  • the computer games section especially has some gigantic holes in it, so if you need something to write about, thats a pretty good place to start
Update: According to current de.Wikipedia rules all video game studios are non-notable (as companies need >1000 workers and even big studios don't go much beyond 100, publishers like Blizzard aside).

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