Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10

Just did a Ubuntu 9.10 Beta upgrade, so here a few quick notes:
  • memtest86+ gives a few error messages during the upgrade
  • the new Grub1.97beta4 is modular (see /boot/grub/*.mod) and much slower then the previous one, in numbers that is: it takes 40sec(!!!) to load grub
  • my internal speaker stopped working, the sound is now handled by the soundcard, haven't figured out how to turn it back to the speaker, removing pckspkr from the blacklist and loading it manually didn't help
  • the gnome-volume-control/mixer is gone, replaced by some another tool that doesn't allow much control and doesn't work at all without pulseaudio, gnome-alsamixer is still there as an alternative, but volume buttons on the keyboard no longer work without pulseaudio
  • the soundcard now makes a very noticable *klack* whenever an app starts using sound, annoying, seems to be fixed after tweaking the mixer settings with gnome-alsamixer
  • timer-applet now crashes a lot, also had crashes of Pidgin and Rhythmbox, maybe sound related
  • Gnome keyring now asks on the command line for a passwort instead of with a new window, breaks using svn in emacs, haven't figured out how to fix it, libpam-gnome-keyring might be the guilty package
  • Rhythmbox is behaving weirdly, sometimes seems to get stuck
  • my USB HD now gets its USB port resets a lot, even when not in use, it also no longer properly suspends after inactivity

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