Saturday, October 10, 2009

OpenGL Manpages for Ubuntu

Ubuntu currently doesn't ship OpenGL manpages, which is quite annoying. So here a quick howto on how to install manpages on Ubuntu:
  1. apt-get install subversion docbook2x
    Maybe you need more docbook related stuff, haven't checked the exact requirements.
  2. Download the xml docbook source from the svn repository:
    svn co
  3. Go to the directory with the XML files and run:
    for i in *.xml; do docbook2x-man -N "$i"; done
    The -N is there to fetch dtd's from the net, which is really slow, but the easiest thing to do, alternative would be to setup a catalog file and pass it in with -C.
  4. Last step will give you *.3G files, which are the manpages, copy them to /usr/local/share/man/man3/
  5. Run sudo mandb to update the mandb cache
  6. Run man glCreateShader to see if everything worked out
Note that you can find prepacked man pages for Ubuntu elsewhere on the net and there are also some floating around on an FTP server from SGI, but I found those all to be outdated, lacking newer OpenGL functions.

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