Saturday, October 17, 2009

Galapix 0.1.0

Over the last two weeks I did some more work on Galapix, mainly just finishing up some work on the threading I started a long while ago and never fully finished. So Galapix SVN is now quite a bit more usable again. I also did a new Galapix release, which includes all the stuff that has allocated over the last year, namely support for a ton of new image formats, SVG, Krita, Gimp, RAW images along with archive files are now supported. There is now also a Gtk based GUI, but its still rather incomplete.

For those that don't know what Galapix is, its an zoomable image viewer for large collections of images, see this old Galapix 0.0.3 video:

You can find Galapix at:

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Juande said...

Hello, I love your work, but take some time unchanged, "supertux continues to develop?
Greetings, thanks and good luck!