Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Windstille Editor - Animation Progress

The animation system in the Windstille Editor is making progress, it is now somewhat usable for very simple animations, the little test video shows what works so far:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Windstille Editor - Animation and Stuff

Time to write a quick little update on what is going on with Windstille and the Windstille Editor. First the boring stuff, I cleaned up the build system a good bit and removed a number of unneeded includes. PhysFS is now also mostly gone and replaced by a very basic Pathname class, this makes some things such as taking filenames from command line much cleaner and simpler.

One of the bigger changes of the last few weeks is that I switched from the old direct drawing to a SceneGraph based approach. That should allow a much cleaner integratation of shader effects and also allows some speedup, that wheren't easily doable with the previous approach. The final rendering also got moved into a Compositor class, so that clean separation between framebuffer_object based rendering and non framebuffer_object based rendering is now easily doable. The integration of the SceneGraph is however not quite complete, so the old SceneContext stuff is still hanging around for backward compatibilty for now.

Next thing that got a major revamp is the NavGraph edit tools in the editor. They now feature grid and object snapping and have proper support for multiple layers, so that you can have the character walk behind certain layers or change layers on the fly, which wasn't previously possible. Undo/redo also works now for the NavGraph and got a major cleanup for everything else.

The game engine itself also got a revamp so that it now can load and play the new decal based levels, the old tilemap based stuff will soon be a thing of the past, but is again at the moment still kept for backward compatibilty.

The last big thing is still pretty much in development, it is an animation system that should allow the creation of keyframe based sprite animation. I think I have most of the way I want to do it figured out, now its just a matter of actually implementing it.

A screenshot of the current state of the editor: