Sunday, April 05, 2009

Windstille Editor - Day 19

Work is slowly migrating away from the editor, back to the main Windstille codebase, which is a good thing, since the editor is now quite usable. There is still quite a bit missing, such as the NavigationGraph stuff and anything that involves scripting or actual game objects, but at least some of that has to wait for the game engine to catch up. Undo/Redo is probally the biggest editor-specific thing still missing. There are also some open questions left, such as if the editor should stick to structured layers or be changed to a simple flat list, so far the structured layers have been rather useless, but then I haven't tried to build a truely large sector with it.

All that thinking about the future of Windstille asside, I coded a texture packer today, so that images can share the same textures. This fixes some issues with blending artifacts in non-power-of-two textures and also allows to waste a little less space on larger textures.

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