Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Windstille Editor - Restart

Since Flexlay hasn't exactly aged well, and is now more a patchwork of rotting parts then a functional piece of software, its time for a new editor for Windstille.

For the toolkit I settled with Gtkmm, for most part simply because I am used to Gtk apps and not because I necessarily consider it superiour to Qt or any of the other toolkits. With that decision out of the way time for a little coding.

At first I tried played around with Glade-3, but to my supprise that turned out pretty badly. Documentation is lacking quite a bit for Glade, especially in combination with Gtkmm, and some things like custom widgets seemed overly compilcated. I also couldn't really find much info on how to properly combine Glade with UIManager and some other things. After dumping Glade and switching to plain C++ things got a lot smoother. Not only went the problems away, Gtkmm code also ended up looking a little prettier when using classes and inheritange instead of retrieving pointers from Glade. Overall I am pleasantly supprised with the ease of coding Gtkmm.

The screenshot on the right shows the editor after a day of coding. Its completly non functional, but it contains placeholders for all the basic things along with a GL drawing area, so coding should now go rather smoothly. One thing I have yet to figure out is how to properly share code between the game and the editor, the idea is to go sandboxy, but how to implement that in detail I have yet to figure out.

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