Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Windstille Editor - Day 8

Added some code that allows to snapping objects together, so building stacks of boxes is now much easier. Also added a button to toggle the control graphics layer, so no more ugly red dots, unless you want them. The background now has a chessboard pattern drawn all over it, to distinguish it from black areas. The objects are now also a bit more generalized, meaning you can have other types then just surfaces. The play button is now hooked up and starts a timeout callback that will animate all sprites in the scene.


Sphair said...

Looking very nice, and progressing very fast :) What kind of format will the save/load be?

Grumbel said...

Windstille will use a custom s-expression based format, looking like this:


Similar to what is used in Pingus and SuperTux.

Sphair said...

Are there any lightweight reader APIs for that?

Grumbel said...

Its all in the Windstille SVN, right there in
src/lisp. SuperTux and Pingus contain similar code, need to sync those up and publish that as seperate project some time.