Sunday, March 22, 2009

Windstille Editor - Day 5

Day 5 in the Windstille Editor development. The OpenGL contexts between different sector tabs are now shared, that was a little tricky since you need a root GL context for that to which all others can link, but there is no straight forward way to actually create one. As a workaround I abuse the minimap as my OpenGL root context, which so far seems to work fine, even if the minimap itself is hidden away.

Drag&drop of objects from the palette to the sector works now properly. The treeview in the bottom right is updated automatically as well. You also have now a few new tools to select objects and zoom around.

At the moment I am still using placeholder images for everything, as I have yet to figure out how sandboxy I want the whole thing to be. I however started to actually sharing the display code between Windstille and the Windstille Editor, so Sprites, 3D models and lightmap stuff can be used in the editor.

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