Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Windstille Editor - Day 15

The icons in the ObjectSelector got a little cleanup, they now can have an image background and keep their aspect properly. They are also sorted alphabetically. After the upgrade to Ubuntu9, which brought a new Gtk, the spacing between the icons seems quite a bit larger then before, which is a little annoying, haven't yet found a way to turn the padding back to something smaller.

Moving objects with parents now works properly without the double-move issue.

The editor now allows ControlPoints, which can be grabbed for scaling and rotation of Decal. Still a bit broken, but seems solid enough in concept. I tried first to implement full Quad manipulation allowing drag&drop of all four vertices, but that didn't turn out all to useful, to easy to end up with broken looking polygons, so for the moment I rolled back to simple scale and rotation.

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