Saturday, March 28, 2009

Windstille Editor - Day 11

The ObjectTree got retooled into a LayerManager. It now only shows layers, not all objects and allows to toggle layer visibility, lock layers to avoid accidental editing and move them around to reorder them. The layer name can be edited as well. The old Blender-like layer system is still in place and will likely stay for a while, but mostly obsoleted by the new one. The main advantage of the new layer system is that it enforces object ordering, so objects can't be raised or lowered above the layer boundaries. This makes it a little less flexible, but a lot easier to use, since now one hasn't to worry about an object ending half a way in a wall instead of cleanly below or above it. Copy&paste between layers works as well, so its fairly easy to split up old levels into layered ones.

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