Thursday, March 26, 2009

Windstille Editor - Day 10

New stuff today includes a Blender-like layer system, along with functioning Copy&Paste and a simple grid. Building simple rooms so far works mostly ok, but an easy way to see on which layer an object is and a way to move objects between layers is still missing. Another important thing that is missing is pixel perfect select/grabbing, currently it works by bounding rectangle, which is annoying, since all the transparent light objects get in the way. Snapping to proper integer positions is missing as well, leading to annoying gaps between graphics. Scaling of decal is also missing and needs to be added next.

The ObjectTree so far has turned out rather useless. The object count is just to high for it to be useful. Maybe it would help to be able to group objects and use the ObjectTree as a way to mark the object group that gets currently activly edited. That however would kind of duplicate the layer system. Not quite sure yet how to progress here, but a better way to seperate the level into foreground, background, light, highlight and shadow stuff seems to be needed, since it currently gets quite confusing fast. There is currently also no way to properly mark the z-position at which the player should enter. The current Blender-like layer system doesn't care about ordering at all, which makes it quite flexible, but also not well suited for this task, in which strict object order would be helpfull.

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