Friday, March 06, 2009


Aside from finishing up Bioshock, I also watched Pixar's WALL·E. After all the hype I however have to say that I was rather disappointed. The characters are flat, the story is rather uninteresting and the 'save the planet' message is brought to you via a sledgehammer, lacking even the tiniest bit of subtlety.

Judging from the trailers I expected a departure from normal Pixar style and something close to reality, but the film really doesn't provide that or at least not for long. The first 20 or so minutes are pretty much a stretched out version of the trailers and those are for most part ok, even so I would have prefered to see some more backstory. Where the film gets pretty bad is after those, then it gets pretty much cliché, a instant love story, a stupid bad guy, some crazy sidekicks and some random comedy thrown in. I expected WALL·E exploring an unfamiliar world, but instead you get plenty of exposition, talking humans and all that stuff.

Another weird thing that the film does is mixing of real life actors with computer generated humans, which is quite weird mix, since the CGI humans here are completly comical, in both their visuals and their behaviour. Now given the real life humans only show up on old billboards, not actually side by side with the CGI ones, but even that doesn't help to bridge the gap between both of them.

The film does have a few fun jokes and stuff of course, but the trailer already covered the best of it. The rest of the movie is either just not very good or actually pretty bad. I don't quite get what all the hypo was about.


Unknown said...

"The characters are flat."

Woah! You must've accidentally watched last year's overhyped and overrated The Dark Knight by mistake! Your bad! You should see WALL-E for real, it's got these wonderfully lovable characters, a great relevant story, and some of the best animation and story-telling you're ever going to see on film. Too bad about that screw up you had!

Grumbel said...

The only character in WALL·E that is interesting is WALL·E himself (which is heavily inspired by of course Number 5, but that's ok). But other then that? Eve is already not very interesting and the humans and the auto pilot are close to the most flat characters you will ever see in any movie.