Monday, December 29, 2008

XFS is a piece of garbage

Even after disabling write cache on all my drives XFS continues to destroy files on a regular basis. After almost every single crash some files went missing and had to be recovered from backup (in case there was one). I fail to see the point of having a journaling file system and then having to run a restore from backup after every crash. Oh well, going to replace it now with good old ext3 and ext4 in the near future.


mithro said...

Your experience with XFS sounds exactly like mine. I ended up going back to ext3 because it doesn't eat my files.

Gilead said...

Heh, looks like I'm not the only one. I once put XFS on two of my computers. Filesystem on first one crashed after 3 days, fs on second one survived a week ;) By 'crash' I mean 'at least half of disk contents disapeared' so it was even worse than in your case.
I switched to ReiserFS and am happy since then :) ReiserFS is the only FS so far that never ever lost any of my files (rarely but it does happen with ext3).

Grumbel said...

In the very early days reiserfs did destroy files quite similar to XFS (except filling them with garbage instead of 0), but that got fixed after a while and I didn't had any file loss after. Even in cases of broken hardware reiserfs continued to work quite well.

Maybe I should just stay with what works instead of being all experimental with the FS, on the other side ext4 is around the corner and looks interesting and the main reason to go reiserfs in the first place was the online resize, but ext3 can do that now too, so there is little reason left to not use what everybody else is using anyway.