Monday, September 22, 2008

Xbox360 Chatpad and Galapix News

I finally got my hands on a USB trace of the Xbox360 chatpad initialisation, I haven't managed to figure it out all, but so far I am able to switch on the backlight LEDs on the chatpad and figured out where the keycodes should come in, so there is some new hope that xboxdrv might get chatpad support in the not so distant future, but further reverse engineering is needed, seen I still don't know how to actually get the chatpad to start sending keycdoes.

In other news Galapix SVN now has support for rar, zip, xcf, png, krita and a heapload of other file formats, its not quite rock solid and often not very fast, but it makes it quite a bit more useful then the jpeg-only support it had before.


protman said...

rad! Mind posting the codes?

Grumbel said...

Chatpad LED codes are visible on:

USB log itself is at:

Software to view the log at:

There is also a PROTOCOL file in the xboxdrv git repository that documents some stuff:

git clone