Tuesday, August 19, 2008

German censorship and online gaming

Well, today I learned that creating an US Playstation 3 network account gives you access to a ton more demos then an official German account. I have to ask why? Even USK16 game demos are missing from the German Playstation Shop, which includes pretty much all high-profile titles on the Playstation3 console. Xbox360 has similar problems from what I know. While Germany's game rating can already annoy a lot when you want to order something online, it gets really ridiculous when it comes to only shops like the one on the Playstation3, since there doesn't seem to be any way at all to get access to those demos other then by using some fake data to get a USA account for the Playstation3 shop. Quite annoying situation with no clear fix. Wondering if Sony is doing that to conform with the law or more because they are trying a hard then they need to confirm with law.

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