Friday, May 09, 2008

PSP as ebook reader

This is old stuff, but I don't I have mentioned them before. The PSP can be relatively easily abused as eBook reader device, all one has to do is convert the pages to JPEGs and then view them in the build in image viewer, no firmware hacking required. To accomplish that I have hacked together two tools:
  • svn co svn://
  • svn co svn://
They are not really end user ready, but should get the job done. There are of course also other alternatives out there and you can of course also try to use the build-in HTML reader, which however sucks at normal .txt so you would have convert to .html first, for which I have a tiny script here:
When it comes to PDF one can convert them via pdftoppm to ppm images and then via ImageMagicks convert to JPEGs (works a lot faster then PNG on the PSP, in case anyone wonders).

Since I have the OLPC XO-1 I have moved all my book reading to that device, but the PSP still does a decent enough job.

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