Sunday, May 04, 2008

Getting 1680x1050 to work on a Geforce5200fx

It is the year 2008 and I still have to fiddle with Modelines... ugh. So here the little story of how I made a Philips Brilliance 200W work with a Nvidia Geforcefx 5200:

Try number one was simply using the config tools and hope for the best, but that got me:

(WW) NVIDIA(0): No valid modes for "1680x1050"; removing

and a display running at 1024x768, not so great. Next try involved:

sudo get-edid | parse-edid

That however just gave me:

Your EDID is probably invalid.

Not great either. So what now? This one was basically pure luck, the nvidia-settings tools actually has an option that lets you save the edid data, data saved and run through parse-edit, and success:

# EDID version 1 revision 3
Section "Monitor"
# Block type: 2:0 3:ff
# Block type: 2:0 3:fc
Identifier "Philips 200W"
VendorName "PHL"
ModelName "Philips 200W"
# Block type: 2:0 3:ff
# Block type: 2:0 3:fc
# Block type: 2:0 3:fd
HorizSync 30-93
VertRefresh 56-85
# Max dot clock (video bandwidth) 170 MHz
# DPMS capabilities: Active off:yes Suspend:no Standby:no

Mode "1680x1050" # vfreq 59.852Hz, hfreq 65.179kHz
DotClock 146.000000
HTimings 1680 1784 1960 2240
VTimings 1050 1053 1059 1089
Flags "+HSync" "+VSync"
# Block type: 2:0 3:ff
# Block type: 2:0 3:fc
# Block type: 2:0 3:fd

But that would be just all to easy, testing that modeline out brought me back to step number one:

(WW) NVIDIA(0): No valid modes for "1680x1050"; removing

The final hint that made things work was found in this little blog post. and the magic word was:
Option "ModeValidation" "NoMaxPClkCheck"

Add that to your "Device" section and you are ready to go. The Monitor is now displaying native 1680x1050 and it only took me like an hour...

Update: Looks like all this actually doesn't create a working setup for me. While 1680x1050 works fine for webbrowsing, I get numerous blackouts (screen going black for a second, then back to normal) as soon as the graphic card gets something to do, either when watching video or some OpenGL. So for most part I am still stuck at 1280x1024, which works fine with that monitor/graphic-card combination. I haven't yet tested what happens when I use VGA instead of DVI.

Update2: VGA with the same configuration seems to work mostly ok so far, no more blackouts, but picture quality is noticeably lower then with DVI, maybe a better VGA will help.

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