Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hunt the sync button...

In the adventure to try to find out how the wireless XBox360 controller gets synchronized with the wireless USB adapter for the PC I did a little search for a sync button on the controller to see if its just a button or some deeper magic that triggers the synchronization. That shouldn't be so hard you think as there are plenty of pretty product images on the official page, right? Well, turns out not to be that easy, since half the picture actually don't have a sync button.

On the other side one should of course never believe that a product image actually shows the actual product or even something that is at least functionally equivalent, nope, seems just some early prototype from fantasy land, since the real thing does look quite a bit little different and yep, thats a sync button right there.

PS: Google really should do something about their image search, these days Flickr is far more useful in the hunt for a picture of a thing then

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