Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to wreak your system, temporarly...

What do you do if you have a perfectly working system? You dist-upgrade and so I did from Ubuntu Gutsy to Ubuntu Hardy. After the "Update Manager" failed on me, no idea what went wrong there, I went the manual way with 'apt-get dist-upgrade', that went fine, even so dist-upgrade still keeps asking me stupid questions in the middle of the install. Anyway, all that done the system was ready for a reboot and so I did.

Result? My hard drives have gone missing. Turned out that in Ubuntu Hardy there is no longer a /dev/hda1, but its now a /dev/sda1. Since my fstab was free of any UUIDs that caused quite a bit of confusion and issues such as the lack of swap.

The fix was to figure out where all the drives went, that required a bit of detective work with cfdisk, but wasn't all to hard, hda became sda, hdb became and sdb and hdd became sdc, since hdc is now called scd0, great. Next step was to find the UUID and adjust my fstab so that this doesn't happen again. That can be done with "sudo blkid /dev/sda1", the 'sudo' part is important, else blkid will just report nothing, not even that you have to be root.

So what else is broken? The scroll/zoom-wheel on my Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 no longer works. That was kind of expected, since it required a kernel patch even before. On the positive side all the other buttons now work without a kernel patch, which they didn't before without a patch. But looks like I still have to patch the kernel and recompile to get everything to 100%.

Other then that I also had a weird crash/halt/whatever. Linux became pretty much completly unresponsive without any obvious load. Might be due to the lack of swap or something else, we have to wait and see if it happens again.

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