Sunday, February 10, 2008

Turning the OLPC into a book reader

As mentioned before, the available software for the OLPC is still rather unfinished and unpolished, so time to start some hacking. What missing the most currently is a simple image viewer. The joy of a image viewer is that you can basically convert everything you have to a image and view it with it (PDFs, Webpages, etc.). The Image viewer is available at:
and currently started via the Terminal, supply it with a list of images you want to view and it will show them. When you have PDFs that consist of scanned images you can use "pdfimages -j" to convert them to JPEGs. If images don't have the right size you can use Imagemagick to convert them:
  • convert -quality 80% -scale 1200x -sharpen 1x1.2 " INFILE OUTFILE
Usage of the image viewer is simple, dpad scrolls, [] goes page forward, V goes page backward, X goes into black&white, O hides the interface (refering to the gamepad buttons here, not keyboard keys) .

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