Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another World

Today the 15th Aniversary Edition of Another World arrived and it looks pretty good, but not perfect. The vector graphics itself aren't enhanched, only the backgrounds and in a few situation it comes to small graphical errors because of that (tentancles show up from behind the background).

In addition to the hires version of AnotherWorld this edition also includes a nice Making Of video as well as some very interesting development docs. The original Amiga version is included as well. This version is a definitive must buy for any fan of the original game.

One little problem I had was that the game didn't work on my plasma display due to its non-square pixel resolution, so Another World would only run in letterbox, to fix this I wrote a little utility that forces the game window into 1024x768 while using 16:9 aspect ratio, the tool is available at:
BTW: The image on the top right isn't from the hires version, but my own recreation of the intro scene.