Tuesday, September 19, 2006

280 Minutes into Half Life 2

Another two hours into Half Life 2, gaming experince is still pretty much the same, only the nice memories of the beginning slowly starting to fade and what I am left with is standard Half Life 2 gameplay. Bevor entering Ravenholm the game however presented another nice in-game cutscene and I could play some ball with Dog, which was fun. But after that hell break lose and I was again on the run. Ravenholm was again not really interesting, the develpers tried to do something scary but for most part those people with facehuggers on their head look more funny then scary. The level design itself was also not very good, to many blocked ways, to few freedom and a crazy priest that visits you every now and then, no feelings of being alone in a city with monsters ever evolved.

After through the darkness of Ravenholme it was finally time to drive the buggy, which however isn't exactly much fun, as that water scooter bevore the controls are so so, the gun makes annoying sounds and every now and then the thing goes belly up so one has to get it back on its wheels by some gravity gun shooting. Turning vehicle around in Halo felt a lot more convincing than this gravity gun shooting. Level design is pretty much the same as with the scooter so far, drive a bit, halt, shoot enemies, press switch, continue repeat.

So first almost 5 hours into the game, the not so positive overall impression still holds. Except the cutscenes, which sadly there are really few of, the game doesn't really have much to offer. On the plus side of course its a pretty linear game, so you can't get lost that easily and your brain isn't much required either, but with level design, that even with physics enigne and all the cool stuff still feels like anno 1996 it just isn't really fun. Just because you no longer have red keys for opening red doors, doesn't mean that pushing buttons to open doors is any more interesting.

Last not least some comment about the story: So far there simply isn't really one, a lot of running away from evil enemies, but thats mostly it. Gordon so far really didn't had anything meaningfull to do.

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