Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Controller

Since everybody and his dog is speculating on the new Nintendo Revolution Controller, here a few ideas of myself:

The basic shape of the controller would be similar to that of the Gamecube, however with the following differences:
  • instead of four face buttons, the controller would feature six (this should help N64 games)
  • the C-Stick gets replaced by a C-Trackball/C-Touchscreen device
  • the controller gets additional L2 and R2 buttons
  • Start and Select are back in there classical places, no more ugly Z-button as Select replacement
  • the center of the controller would be rotatable like the Microsoft Dual Strike or the NegCon, this gives two additional axis of movement
Some of this of course contradicts with Nintendos saying of having a controller that is especially simple, however I have a hard time to imagine a controller that is both simple and able to play the full palette from NES to Gamecube games and in general I consider a few more buttons a good thing, since it makes third-party ports a lot more playable.