Thursday, January 27, 2011

xboxdrv 0.7.0 released

  • switched to libusb-1.0
  • -D, --daemon replaces xboxdrv-daemon
  • --daemon supports hotpluging via libudev, even in applications that don't support it themselves
  • cleaned up axis/button modifier some more
  • startup output got cleaned up
  • fixed double Ctrl-c issue
  • added --modifier MODIFIER,...
  • configuration toggle button now works with modifiers too
  • renamed --ui-new to --next-config
  • renamed --ui-toggle to --toggle
  • fixed incorrect endpoint detection for Xbox1 controller
  • native Playstation 3 USB controller support
  • added axis rotation modifier
  • renamed A, B, X, Y axis to BTN_A, BTN_B, BTN_X, BTN_Y to avoid confusion with X1, Y1
  • added --list-all, --list-key, -list-rel, ... to display all available symbolic name
  • changed device_id syntax from 1-BTN_A to now BTN_A@1


tux said...

Is this driver support for Force Feedback on Playstation 3 USB controller ?

Grumbel said...

Not right now, but given that there is a Windows driver that supports it and that QTSixa seems to have it, that might happen somewhere in the future.

tux said...

Thanks for the reply.

Wow, thanks for the info, i will wait till xboxdrv to support it.

So I can upgrade, My Playstation 2 Controller (connceted through pararel port) to Playstation 3 Usb.