Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zack & Wiki (Wii)

This review will be quick, as I haven't finished the game beyond the first five levels. In terms of gameplay Zack & Wiki is pretty close to Gobliins, meaning that while it shares a few core mechanics with the adventure genre, its really isn't one, as story is pretty much completly non-existent. In Zack&Wiki you have set pieces that provide you with puzzles and obstactles that you have to overcome to reach a tresure at the end of the level. Navigation is done point&click style with just the Wiimote. Puzzles are all environment or motion based, as you don't have an inventory and can only carry one item.

On the plus side of things solving puzzles can be fun and there is plenty of motion detection gimmicky to toy around with. But the game sadly tends to ruin the fun quite effectivly. Motion detection is as usual not exactly reliable, so you can just randomly waggle your way through the game. Puzzles have the tendency to be on the trial and error side of things, not following logic. The objects you use are for most part the result of you magically turning enemies into object, i.e. there is no clear connection between the objects and the world, its just ad hoc magic that requires you to try everything in the world. What however absolutely kills the fun is dieing. Zack&Wiki boldly ignores the last two decades of adventure gaming and constantly kills the player, turning its try&error gameplay into an exercise in frustration. Made even worse trough the lack of savepoints, so you have to restart the level completly each time.

Long story short, for the time being I gave up on the game, just to annoying to play.

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he and she reviews said...

I was looking around for people that reviewed zack and wiki and found your blog. Sad times you didn't like the game! I gave up too but my b/f picked it up and actually liked it a lot and watching him play it was pretty fun. Maybe you can pick it up again and play it with a group of friends. ^_^