Monday, May 04, 2009

Time for a new joystick tester

As jstest is console based and as jscalibrator is an old rusty Gtk1 application, I started to write a shiny new jstest application based on Gtk2 over the weekend, called jstest-gtk. Not quite sure how far I'll take this, but currently planed features include:
  • classic joystick testing
  • classic calibration
  • axis and button remapping
  • axis inversion
There are some more ideas floating around, such as evdev and SDL support, force feedback testing, support for toggling LEDs on devices that have them, HAL, etc., so there is plenty of work if somebody wants to contribute.


stevec said...

Standardizing the buttons/axes is going to be hard.

e.g. xbox 360 triggers are axes, but the most similar buttons on logitech dual action rumble aren't axes, but buttons.

Well, I was thinking I could help on this, but... scons and c++ No thanks.

Grumbel said...

The Linux joydev interface doesn't have any feature to remap triggers to buttons or vice versa, so jstest-gtk can't really do anything to fix that issue.

However I also wrote xboxdrv and that allows to remap stuff at the driver level. And I also have some plans for maybe one day finish inputdrv, which then would allow complete remapping by creating custom virtual input devices out of existing ones. But then again, jstest-gtk is supposed to stay simple and just be there for /dev/input/jsX testing.