Tuesday, January 06, 2009

xboxdrv 0.4 released

Released a new Xbox/Xbox360 gamepad driver for Linux, new features include:
  • added --square-axis option
  • added --autofire option
  • added --relative-axis option (i.e. emulate joystick throttle)
  • added --ui-buttonmap and --ui-axismap to change uinput events
  • support for keyboard events
  • support for mouse emulation
You can get it at:


stevec said...


I saw this on your user space driver page:
"Long story short, the xpad kernel driver that comes with the Linux kernel doesn't work with the Xbox360 gamepad and the newer ones found in the xbox-linux CVS trees,"

Just wondering, because (since 2.6.26 anyway), the xpad driver seems to work ok for me -- including rumble.

Lysdestic said...

Thanks, man. You may remember me from the Frets on Fire forums... this user space driver has been a lifesaver for me.

The kernel driver still locks my USB ports up and only takes one controller at a time, not to mention it probably would fail with using my wireless Rock Band 2 Drums, where as xboxdrv works almost perfectly. Thanks a ton.

You know, FoFiX could use all the developers it can get... Maybe you could consider it. ;)

Grumbel said...

@stevec: Same here (2.6.27), that intro is a little outdated, the current xpad driver works fine. I replaced it with text from the README.