Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quick little movie round up

Spend the last days with that Playstation 3 thing and a bunch of BluRay movies, so here a quick review of everything:

Live Free or Die Hard: Suprisingly good, had feared this to be full of to much unbelievable CGI, but it got along quite fine and stayed in an area where my suspend of disbelieve can happily accept it. The fight with the F22 at the end felt a little forced and unrealistic, after all it was flown by a 'good' pilot, not a crazy cliche bad guy, but other then that it was a nice smooth and entertaining ride.

Superman Returns: Quite good as well, sure the bad guy is kind of weak and the movie is for most part about Lois Lane and Supermans relationship and their child, not about spectacular action, but after being bored to death with to much over the top action in Spiderman I am ok with that. Was good to see that they actually did try to continue the old Superman movies instead of just doing a remake, so we get to see a part of Supermans life that hasn't been shown before in TV or cinema as far as I know.

Ratatouille: Pixar standard, well animated and a classic Pixar style story. Nicely centered on cooking and food, but just as other Pixar movies, a little to predictable, since the basic story construction is the same thing each time in their movies. One thing that I found a little disappointing is they just clear the kitchen of side characters at the end, would have liked to have those fleshed out a little more and given an appropriate ending instead of just litterally throwing them away a few minutes before the end with no conclusive ending what so ever.

Deja Vu: Time travel movie, kind of a really mixed bag, starts out pretty damn boring, then after 40mins or so the Sci-Fi twist kicks in and it gets interesting. Here they don't have a time travel machine, but only one with which you can watch in the past. It however doesn't stay at that for very long, soon the bullshit kicks in, the characters act incredible stupid and all of a sudden the machine can transport a human into the past, when shortly before a piece of paper was already the outer limit. Bullshit happens in this movie pretty much at a constant rate which ruins the otherwise interesting premise. I like time travel stories, but this one has far to many plot holes, far to much overexplaining of basic time travel stuff and far to much inconsistency in its model of time travel. So soon after it got interesting, its down to default cliche time travel with characters that act so stupid that it ruins the whole movie. A little logic and common sense applied to the script could have made this really good, but as it is its just a utter disapointment.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:That one was quite a mess. It was colorful and had plenty of animals and decent special effects, but the story made no sense. Kids find wardrobe that leads to another world, kids join war in said other world, kids win war, ...?! Either I missed some critical part or the movie was really short on giving reason why the kids join the war in the first place and why the kids, with no experience whatsoever, get to be in command of a huge army. Motivations of the evil witch seems to be not really existing either. A plot that connects the fighting with some meaning wasn't to be found in that movie, pretty weird.

Casino Royale: This one was pretty terrible, not much interesting action, no gadgets, no real Bond and a story that was pretty dang boring and didn't make all to much sense to begin with. It also was way to long and half the movie is Bond playing poker. Hard to find any redeeming quality in this movie.

National Treasure: A nice little treasure hunting movie, nothing extra ordinary great about it, but nothing bad either, just good classic entertainment and well done for what it is.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets: Pretty much exactly the structure as the first, just a new treasure to hunt this time. Good entertainment as well.

28 Weeks Later: To sum it up: Stupid. Starts out with stupidly trying to recolonize an area before its cleaned up and the virus being properly researched, continues with having children in the group of people that move back, continues with children being to stupid and go into restricted area, continues with military not actually patrolling the border zone of the restricted area properly, continues with military being to slow to response after the breach happens, then not properly quarantining the children that left the area, then not guarding the newly found survivor, then with other guy voluntarily exchanging bodily fluid with survivor which happens to have the virus and then of course completly failing in containing the new outbreak. Way to many stupid things in way to short of time and I haven't even mentioned all of them. You'd guess that people would have figured out to be a little more careful with a virus that wiped out whole Great Britain in a couple of weeks. All that stupid story aside the movie is full of annoying shaky cam that is so shaky that you can't even see what is going on and sudden changes in sound volume and annoying music. Highly annoying piece of movie, I stopped watching after half of it, to much nonsense and unwatchable camera work.

World Trade Center: Watchable, but simplistic and generic, feels pretty much the same like any other disaster movies and if it wouldn't be for a few shots of the WTC you likely wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. The movie is also very small scale and focuses only on two people while ignoring pretty everything else, which given the scale of the situation doesn't seem fitting.

Rambo: Its bloody and raw like few other movies these days. Only downside is that its story is a little to straight forward lacking any surprises, but that aside is very well done and much closer to First Blood in terms of style then to the other two movies, which is good thing. I really liked it.

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Shawn said...

Enjoy Superman Returns, because the next Superman looks like a straight up remake.