Saturday, July 19, 2008

Call of Duty 4 - Lets play some shitty games...

Time for another little game review, this time Call of Duty 4 for the Playstation 3. If one believes the hype it is currently the second best PS3 game right after GTA4, clocking in at a shiny 94/100 on metacritic, but well, I don't trust reviews, so I played trough it myself (single-player campaign only, 'cause I don't do multiplayer).

If there is one thing that Call of Duty 4 does really well it is giving a nice demonstration of all the things that are wrong with video games these days. The graphics and presentation is nicely polished for sure, but that doesn't help much here, since neither story nor gameplay can impress. The only good part about the gameplay is that it plays rather fluently. You can run around, shoot people, throw grenades and do stuff and it never feels cumbersome, which is a good thing. The invisible walls are this time also covered up reasonably well, you still run into them, but I have seen worse. However the gameplay is also pretty flat and uninteresting, because the whole surrounding world is just fake and brainless. The game features endless hords of enemies, scripted events and fake gun shots and a war that waits for you to make it progress. You also can never act on your own, but instead have to follow your teamleaders around and follow their orders. That alone wouldn't be so bad if at least the story was completting, but its not. Generic american and british soldiers fighting against generic middle east and russion bad guys is as generic as you can get and on top of that the "good guys" aren't even exactly sympatic nor especially "good" (executing a man tied to a chair is just one of the many questionable things). Another big issue with this game is that there is simply way to much happening on the screen, most of it is fake and doesn't do you any harm, but it does a good job of giving you a headache. This is simply the most noisy game I have ever played. The single player campagne also has the "issue" of being incredible short and having an incredible shity ending, that just comes out of nowhere in the mid of a mission.

To sum things up, this game is pretty much all show and no substance, it feels like walking trough a movie without ever having a proper way to influence what is happening on the screen, and well its a bad movie on top, so there really isn't much fun to have. The game also is a nice demonstration on how to waste tons of graphics. Some levels look great, but you never actually see that, because you are way to distracted with shooting people or getting shot. The game completly lacks those calm moments where you can actually get a feel for your environment and enjoy the view, its all run-and-shoot and that annoys a lot.

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dude Cod4 is horrible. You should see the hater group on this site lol
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